FACE Magazine Interview

"No Future Artists" - FACE magazine
by: Eskow Allbright

The FACE Magazine journalist Eskow Allbright did an interview with the No Future Artist Josef Mali in Sweden March 1998.

EA: Why do you call yourselves a No Future Artists?
N.F.A: Ehh... I don't know.
EA: You don't know?
N.F.A: No... Ehh... I don't know.
EA: Is it because you think you don't have a future?
N.F.A: Future... Ehh... I don't know.
EA: What do you want to express with your art?
N.F.A: Express... Art... Ehh... I don't know.
EA: You don't know! Do you know anything about anything?
N.F.A: Anything... Ehh... I don't know.

The journalist leaves the room and takes the first flight back to London and tells his boss that the No Future Artists literally has got no future.

(The article was never published)

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